Jiří Pátek

violin maker

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Jiří Pátek, BSc

November 13, 1976 Kraslice (Carlsbad region)
violin maker

He graduated at the school of violin making in Luby near Cheb and got degree on Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

He was born in Kraslice and descends from the old Eberle family of violin maker in the Saxon Adorf. His great-grandfather and grandfather are skilled violin makers and his father is a guitar maker as well.

While studying the violin school he was and still is deeply interested in baroque music, both instrumental and vocal. He is also collector of old contemporary artefacts and photographs from former Schoenbach (nowaday Luby). He is also interested in history and tradition of music instrument making in the region of Luby and Kraslice.

In 1996 he passed an intership of advanced violin making by master Alois Šibal. The same year he graduated at the school of violin making in Luby.

In 1997 he became an instructor of handcraft violin making at the school in Luby. After the relocation of school to Cheb he teach vocational subjects "History of the Music" and "Acoustics".

In 2000–2003 he was admited into highly vocational intership by master Arpád Šivák, where he built his first masterpiece violin (model Stradivari 1720). By year 2009 he has made over 20 violins, one viola and he repairs stringed musical instruments as well.

He organizes exhibitions devoted to the history of town Luby and associated with expert lectures on history, tradition and conemporary events of musical instrument making.

In 1999 he opened his second studio in Cheb, in The Square of King Jiří z Poděbrad, where he works up to the present. He is also actively engaged in Atelier Saldo in Luby, a company producing concert and master bows for string instruments.

In February 2009 he was admitted into membership of the Rotary Club Cheb / Eger, as it's youngest member.

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